Japanese born Kimura paints works inspired by his upbringing surrounded by the thriving Japanese anime and cartoon industry. With staggering technical detail and an intensity of image rarely seen in the work of Western artists, Kimura captures a collision of Eastern and Western notions of life and how we navigate through its varied meanings. 

Having visited Canada to learn and improve his English speaking skills in 2007, Kimura returned to Japan invigorated by his experience of a new culture and began to search for an audience for his work. Longing for a return to Canada to continue his development in English and his Art practice. Kimura, who holds a BFA from Musashino Art University (Japan) began to search for galleries who exhibit artists in his generation and aesthetic. Kimura applied with a portfolio of unique, youthful images, born out of his experience in the culture of both rural and urban Japan. Densely crafted paintings on paper of animals and characters explore the concept of the earth as a pond in which all life exists, its joys, pains, and disappointments. Narrative based and truly inspired by a childhood in the saturated visual environment of Japan, Kimura’s rendering skills impress and reflect a dedication and devotion to the understanding of the world around him. Taking the form of popular anime in it’s detail, colour and playful imagery, Kimura crafts images unique to the North American audience, whom often experience artists experiencing asian otaku culture through the lens of Western experience. Kimura also has a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design.


Solo Exhibitions

2020 – Beauty and Transcendence, 12 Degrees, Toronto, Canada
2017 – Numinous Tree, Wil Kucey Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2016 – World of Wonder, LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2014 – Legend Building,   LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012 – Strange Journey, LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2011 – Go into the Deep Forest, LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2010 – Life in the Pond, LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2016 – Capsule Collection, Wil Kucey Gallery, Toronto,ON
2015 – Works with Paper, LE Gallery, Toronto ON
2013 – HI☆ Five, LE Gallery Toronto, Canada
2011 – LE SEPT, LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009 – From me to You, Show and Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009 – Minutial Matters, Head Bones Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2009 – The Kids are Alright, Show & Tell Gallery Toronto, Canada
2009 – Young Canada Presents: Who’s got the papers?, LE Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2007 – Tokyo Wonder Wall 2007, Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2006 – Story Board, Sanai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2005 – Mitsuo Kimura, Kiyora Sugino, S-Gallery-2010, Tokyo, Japan
2004 – Universal Note, S-Gallery-2010, Tokyo, Japan
2004 – Deep Equinox, Spiral Club Tokyo, Japan
2004 – The Flush Of Life 2004, Design Festival Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2003 – Space And Art Exhibit, World Trade Centre, Tokyo, Japan
2003 – Waiting for dinner, Setagaya Kumin Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2002 – Naïve Art 4, Peppers Gallery Tokyo, Japan

Selected Art Fair

2014 – Art Toronto,Toronto,ON
2014 – Papier14,Montreal,QC
2013 – Art Toronto,Toronto,ON
2012 – Art Toronto,Toronto,ON

Awards and Grants

2012 – Elizabeth Blackstock Memorial Scholarship for drawing and painting
2013 – Project 31 Drawing and Painting Award from OCADU


Private Canadian and International collections.